9 comments on “Not a Programmer? Linux Needs You!

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  3. I completely agree… At this point, I think that in addition to getting more non-programmers (like you or myself) involved, we also desperately need to get more coders to stop openly sneering at our wing of the community. I’m pretty darn sure I’m not the only person that has come close to volunteering, then changed my mind after a few too many “all end-users are parasites” “only idiots become English majors” type comments. Most recently, I’ve been seeing a related shift towards a new variant of the “if you don’t like it, change it” attitude — “if you don’t like it, change it; if you can’t change it, don’t use Linux!”

    In terms of the kinds of art we don’t need, I think you missed a couple of categories: sexy women and MS/Apple mimicry. Linux deserves to shine on its own, rather than as a second-rate free clone, and with half the population being female, it’d be smart not to alienate a big chunk of our potential userbase. Yeah, some females aren’t put off (or offended) by that stuff, but most of us are.

    While I’m not a fan of anime/comic-book/etc. stuff at all, I think that we could put its fans to good use. We have a growing number of kids being pulled in through distros focused on them, and those distros likely could use as many artwork options as they can get. A site & program (parallel to GNOME’s “Art Manager”) covering all of the major kinds of artistic customizations — wallpaper, Metacity, Emerald, panel/kicker, icons, etc. — would likely be appreciated by parents/teachers concerned about what kids will find if allowed to hunt on their own, and even more appreciated by kids that currently are limited to what adults find for them. (Maybe it already exists. Not being in the target groups, I wouldn’t know.)

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