5 comments on “It’s Time For Change: Part I

  1. Jon,

    You make an important point.

    You do not win a sale by disparaging the competition.You win by providing your solution and then, by way of example,showing that it can be better than the competition in some cases

    This is especially true in the field of education. It is the kiss of death to say either “Linux,” “open source,” or “free software” to an educator or librarian. The technical folks are too dependent on their Windows expertise, the non-technical folks only know Windows.

    So you have to sell Linux on its merits.

    It that’s not enough, then you need to find a new job.


  2. No, you’re wrong.

    First: We aren’t just unjustly criticizing proprietary products, we’re just pointing out their real weaknesses and downsides. Truth shall make you free.

    Then, Linux isn’t only being promoted by a company or corporation with a limited budget and scheduled releases of its main product. Your comments would make sense in that setting, since given the limited resources, it should stay focused in its products. But Linux is being promoted mainly by the people who use it, and who make the promotion on their free time, either on their blogs, forums, and mouth to mouth. So we can very well do both at the same time. It’s working. It doesn’t seem that way because we have a huge rock to move, which is MS and their 95% market share and their huge PR and marketing budget. But the crack in the armor has been made.


  3. yoyo (nice nick btw 🙂 )

    I am not insinuating that businesses are the only ones promoting Linux. It is probably best that we have businesses promoting and making deals on the business end.

    Also, when it comes to software, I am not saying that criticizing software is wrong, afterall, our competitors give us a lot to work with. Where I draw the line is where criticism is not on a software feature vs feature level… when it goes to protests (like the vista one I mentioned in my post) and when it goes to personal attacks on individuals — that’s where I draw the line. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with saying my software has better features than “x”. That’s just free enterprise competition.

    Thanks for the comments folks! 🙂

  4. “Where I draw the line is where criticism is not on a software feature vs feature level… when it goes to protests”

    Ok , what s your opinion about DRM ?

  5. My opinion on DRM is the same as software. Criticism is fine, but I still draw the line at radical activism. Protesting in the streets over DRM would be silly at best.

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