16 comments on “Lin-X: A Quick Review

  1. Horrible, just horrible. Another ubuntu spin off. Why can’t lin-x just release an icon set, gtk theme, and metacity theme packages.

    I mean, really, why? This is just normal ubuntu with a different overall theme.

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  3. Thanks for the brief write up on this new distro, friend. After reading this I wanted to download, burn, and try the live DVD. However, a link to a website for download (or at least a torrent) is missing. Will you please add one to your comments? A web search only led me back to this write up. Further, it doesn’t appear to have make it into http://distrowatch.com either.


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  5. Ah shoot… just figured out that I was missing the link in my post. Sorry everyone!

    Looks like the main download links (not sure about the torrent) are working. Seems to be a little on the fritz, though.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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  7. hemmm…looks great, but I think i’ve used pure ubuntu with Mac4Lin, and also other application to make similar with Mac OS. From the screenshot I can tell to other readers what application and tweak that u used:
    2.I think u used Global menu too
    3.on firefox, u used Safari look like theme
    4.I think u change the Magic Lamp wave to make Genie look like.
    5. May be u change the theme of pidgin too

    Good work^_^

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