4 comments on “Ubuntu Developer Network

  1. Many, many thanks, for posting such a good idea,
    I am starting my own project based on launchpad and bzr
    but I didn’t fully get aware of connecting to bzr-launchpad via
    ssh and being able to make some commits, additionally I am a
    computer science student in one of the nine best technical universities in Germany. And I do not have REALLY much time left…
    (Interactive) Videosessions, discussion boards, playground (KDE) sandboxes, where new users could do the first steps without harm anything/anyone…. would be even for the developing countries regions absolutely great!
    have a nice day….

  2. This , is very much required ,consider my application now itself for managing a group from my country {India} , when this idea is implemented , i wish it will be very soon ATB from myside 🙂

  3. Awesome idea!

    I know open source always talks of how any one can help developing if interested but most projects seem to discourage that by their tape process. Also the documentation could surely use some love and commitment. I’m shocked that Linux and other open source projects don’t have many “code walk-through sites” or at the very least very accurate architecture documentation. I know some of this was happening early on in the Linux history but if you look at some of the more technical documentation on Linux internals some of it hasn’t been touched in years.

    Count me in for a yeah!

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