5 comments on “Dell’s New Ads Minimize Ubuntu

  1. Well, Windows brings in the big bucks, unfortunately.

    Dell has shareholders it’s accountable to, especially in these tough economic times. If they didn’t “recommend” Windows on their website and in their advertisements, Microsoft would likely not give them volume discounts on OEM licenses for Windows, and then Dell would lose its competitive edge and essentially go out of business.

    I like Ubuntu a lot, and I’m glad for any exposure it can get, but right now it won’t be easy for any major OEM to piss off Microsoft and stay in business.

  2. MS spent 300 million $ this year for advertising!Repeat after me, 300 million $! Getting an advertisment from Dell, even under those terms is a good first step.
    If FSF wind the suit against CISCO, who knows? Maybe they ‘ll spend a few millions on marketing.

  3. OEM’s are actually *paid* by Microsoft to put that add tag in. It’s part of their business. I don’t like it, but MS pays for attention 😉

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  5. There-in lies the problem. Microsoft has a stranglehold on the OEMs. That is illegal yet you don’t hear a peep about it from anyone in law enforcement.


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