4 comments on “Flash 10 for Ubuntu!

  1. So true. I was pleasantly surprised today. I have 8.10 beta running on my laptop with the latest flash, and updates. My logitech pro 9000 webcam with no configuration worked in flash! I was stoked.

  2. Will flash 10 be available as an automatic update for 8.04 or do we have to manually download it from Adobe?

    If I do go to Adobe and click on the deb package, will it update flash 9 or do I have to un-install flash 9 first?

    Go Ubuntu! Ubuntu for the masses, not Microsoft.

  3. Unfortunately Flash 10 will not be available as an upgrade via the repositories.

    However, if you download it from the adobe site, it should take over the current flash plugin. I have yet to test it though, so it might be the safest option to uninstall the current version before installing.

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