6 comments on “Theme Fix in Ubuntu 8.10

  1. The new Ubuntu theme is a tiny improvement, but it is still horrible.
    If Ubuntu Really wants their artwork/UI to be superior for a gnome Desktop, they should Really consider something like this…..


    have a look at that pro job, THIS is what Ubuntu SHOULD be. This would be close competition against Kde4.1 in terms of a User Interface. I would like to see something like this in Ubuntu in the future. The only thing holding ubuntu back from its full potential is its horrible artwork.

  2. The guys at ubuntu really need to wake up. Their theme is severely lacking even when you compare it to windows. I agree with symon, the link he provides shows the best theme mock-up I have seen so far. I love ubuntu but its a hard sell to get my friends and family to use it when it’s so dang ugly.

  3. I agree. The theme is.. in my mind an improvement, but it needs work — serious work if it is to be included in the final version. I also like the wall-light theme, and if you go to gnome-look, there are already people creating such themes.

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  5. Hm, I’ve been using this “NewHuman” theme on 8.04 for couple of days now just to test it and I must admit I kinda like it. From the beginning Ubuntu have unique look and should stick with it. Let go comparison to KDE or Win. And I definitely can’t agree with you guys who think Ubuntu has terrible artwork. On the contrary, “Human” theme is very nice, “NewHuman” isn’t that bad at all. There are some more (like Kin’s theme) that are in considering too.

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