6 comments on “Open Response to PCWorld Article

  1. A rebuttal is usually reserved for a response to a question or statement that was posed to you. Who asked you anyway? Who are you to usurp an article with your opinions? Posting a link to your blog does not make you more important in this conversation. You a simply for lack of a better word a “Fan-Boy”. Get your own readership.

  2. Well, Pedro, as an avid supporter of Ubuntu, when I see something that is obviously negative about Ubuntu, then I respond. The above article was obviously against Ubuntu’s popularity, and tried to convince people that Ubuntu is in the wrong with what they do. Sometimes, articles are so misleading that I do comment and try to add some value to the product being slammed, and give credit where credit is due.

    My knowledge of comments tells me this simple premise: Typically people comment when they have something to contribute to the discussion, rather than an unfounded claim. Am I biased towards Ubuntu? Yes. At the same time, Ubuntu is not perfect, but it is not nearly as bad as was written about it in the original article.

  3. Jon

    Well done.

    Randall Kennedy artical was in no way acurate his postulation on possible future developments could be called credible. But his knowledge of current OS development was woefuly short sighted, I am glad you took the time to put your views across.

    As for Pedros comment above.

    “Who asked you anyway? Who are you to usurp an article with your opinions?”

    Thank you, that really made my day. Please dont remove or edut the comment I think everyone should have the oppurtunity see this.

  4. Thanks for the comment, sprogg2001! 🙂

    I think Mr. Kennedy’s article was really about a radically possible view of what could happen, although it seemed to dabble in with what’s wrong with particular systems and (ahem) desktop environments, rather than looking at which one is best positioned to take on Windows.

    IMHO, the part about Ubuntu is really what sparked my thought process, as it seemed like a joke. Saying that Ubuntu was somehow on a decline seemed like a joke. It’s doing fine.

    Even though speculation is fun, it does not often lead to results. Converting people to new systems takes effort (or a funny tv ad) and also takes time. Personally, I think Apple is best positioned to take over Windows, but at the same time, Apple may not be able to keep the “cool factor” long enough to take over a Microsoft monopoly in the market.

  5. Hey jon kool article man, thanks for clearing Air, i’m no expert but that kennedy guy has alota things wrong about Ubuntu.
    keep up tha gud wrk man

  6. Excellent response, so I’m adding this here rather than to the original article.
    The other point that Mr. Kennedy made that bugged me was the putative ‘ “pass the buck” mentality (that Canonical has) toward lingering kernel issues’. That translates to me as a proposal that Canonical should fork the Linux kernel development. Yeah. Right. Smart move.

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