2 comments on “Monkey Business at Consumer Reports?

  1. I somewhat agree with you. It’s interesting that Consumer Reports said that and although it does not promote Linux, I think it is in their right to say what THEY recommend.

    I also think what they said is almost “accurate”. They recommend Linux for basic tasks. So if you want to do gaming or certain computer programming, things may be a bit more difficult.

    Viewing Flash movies or watching certain encoded movie files or file formats can also be annoying at times as they may be not “nicely” supported. (Like .mov or real media)

  2. I never said it was wrong for them to say what THEY recommend. It’s consumer reports, afterall.

    To say that that’s all Linux can do is simply wrong. There is lots you can do with Linux, as I said in the last part of my post (read through the last paragraph).

    I also mentioned that documents, email, and web are probably what most users do who have transferred from Windows. They do a few other things as they venture out (on both systems, really.), but here’s the thing: that’s all Windows users do as well. There is effectively no difference in usage.

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