6 comments on “OpenSolaris: Nice, But Not There Yet

  1. Thanks for the write-up. Most of what I’ve seen written so far on openSolaris has definitely been mixed, but even so, I’m curious to give it a try. One question I have right off the bat: will standard Linux binaries such as those distributed by Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird) or Activestate (Komodo) run on an openSolaris box?

  2. I am not sure if binaries would work, but they may. OpenSolaris has a Unix (or is it Unix?) like base, and I guess the only way to find it is to test it out, and I bugged out long before getting to testing application binaries.

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  4. I wasn’t aware that OpenSolaris was a LINUX distro, as opposed to a UNIX one. Not to sound smart, but isn’t that what it is?
    I thought that what made all the other Linux distributions Linux was having the Linux kernel. The rest are almost all about packaging it seems.

  5. You’re right, OpenSolaris is UNIX, or at least a UNIX-like OS. I have considered it a distribution (not Linux distribution) because much like PCBSD or *enter name of Unix distro here*, they have all been created and shipped as a software distribution. Both systems, Linux and UNIX distributions, despite the small internal differences, fundamentally work the same. They even use many of the same programs.

    Besides, OpenSolaris is being targeted at desktop users. This is something that puts it in direct competition with Linux distributions, so that’s why I compared it to the available Linux distributions.

  6. OpenSolaris is not a “Unix-like” OS, it is Unix — SVR4 based kernel (licensed from Novell) and certified against the Single Unix Specification

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