2 comments on “Next Windows: Make It or Break It

  1. I’ve heard this about every release of windows since 95, and I’d imagine that it was being said prior as well, just not to me.

    The problem with this line of thinking is that focusing on whether or not Windows dominates the market is that it draws attention away from other software vendors that are equally not free.

    Say Microsoft disappears tomorrow and Mac is the new giant. Would that be any better? No. So who cares really if the next windows brings MS crashing down? We still have so much further to go before free software is the “practical” paradigm. We even have non-free linux (hell even ubuntu isn’t totally free yet).

    To tell you the truth though I don’t really care, I don’t honestly. As long as I have the option and everyone else has the option of free software over slaveware then it becomes their burden to choose right?

    I think that one thing that is really terrible about this whole push for “the year of the linux desktop” (which is still years away anyhow) is that people are losing sight of the value of free software, and the more that happens the less relevant linux becomes.

  2. For this next release, it is especially relevant. As I mentioned, Windows will not disappear, but it can lose the top spot.

    If Apple takes over, well, let me just put it this way: Antitrust!
    Sure, the software freedom is there, but you must remember that the computer market is not going to take free software easily. It challenges the value of software.

    Ubuntu may not be completely free, but it is going with Open Source software, and as for drivers, it’s following World Domination 201, which I support. There’s always a preference to free drivers, but when a proprietary one needs to be used, it will be used. I doubt that Ubuntu will ever be completely free, but I do not care. For example, I would like to see Ubuntu get DVD support. As long as I can pass it on and install it as many times I need to, and for free, I am happy.

    The push of the “year of the desktop” is happening because of people just like me. I like Linux, and specifically Ubuntu, and are pushing to make it the other contender in the desktop market. Without the work of thousands of Ubuntu users dedicated to this same cause, there (many argue that the “year of the desktop” was 2007) would be no year of the desktop. Instead of putting around yabbering on about how all software needs to be free, we are doing something about it by bringing Linux to the mass market.

    Sorry… bit of a rant there.

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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