2 comments on “Well… Hardy Didn’t Exactly Work

  1. My install went without a hitch. Most things worked perfectly. I had tried the last alpha, the beta, and then the rc, and all of them had issues that I could not resolve. So, I went into the final with some trepidation. However, like I said, most things went very, very well. And what didn’t work I got to work with minimal effort. I can’t say the same for 7.10. I really had to fight to get that one working just right. A big difference between them was my wireless card. I still had to use ndiswrapper (there’s a GREAT gui for it in Hardy) but I had to modprobe it every time I booted 7.10. With 8.04, however, it works just like it’s supposed to.

    So, again, for me, everything seems to be working just great. Install was easy and had no issues. The little tweaks I had to do with 7.10 are completely gone in 8.04. Here’s to the next three years!

    Peace be with you.


  2. I installed Ubuntu 8.04 yesterday on two PCs, a Dell not yet one year old and a Gateway that is six years old. On the Gateway everything was fine. On the Dell I still don’t have Java working with Firefox. But on a big positive debugging why RealPlayer 11 would not work on the Dell with Ubuntu 8.04 showed me why it would not work with Mandriva 2008.1 either. PulseAudio/Alsa. Once I killed that I elimanated the “show-stopper” in Mandriva and am back in Mandriva again.
    Mandriva won big-time with my web-cam+Skype over Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 and 8.04.

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