2 comments on “Few More Years for Desktop Linux?

  1. The thing that really gets me is there are a lot of Ubuntu Hater’s out there, that pretty much fail to understand exactly what Ubuntu is doing for Linux as a whole. They focus on the fact that its too different from Debian or too dumbed down, blah blah blah. The simple fact is that with its relative ease of use and dedicated community, Ubuntu has positioned itself to be the leader in the Linux bid for desktop acceptance. If some of the other distributions had gathered up their communities and moved forward in this fashion, maybe Linux would have had a larger market share by now.

    I look forward to seeing other distributions take up the Ubuntu Community attitude and go out and “spread the gospel” so to speak. Right now I am totally convinced that Ubuntu is positioned to be the premier entry level desktop of the GNU/Linux camp, but as a server OS it lags behind…

  2. Ubuntu Haters… Yeah, I know what you mean. They are actually only hurting their own distribution by slamming Ubuntu, typically with baseless claims.

    You’re right about the server… It’s not quite there yet. Hopefully with either Hardy Heron or Intrepid Ibex, there will be improvements.

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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