4 comments on “Ubuntu the New Generic Linux?

  1. You know I like Ubuntu, and I really haven’t run into any hardcore Linux people that have given me smack for liking it. I have always wanted to try Linux, I remember back in 1999 loading Red Hat and hating how I was so great at windows and yet couldn’t do simple things with it. Then mandrake came along and was supposed to be so user friendly and it was the same story. Now Ubuntu is here and for the first time I can actually do everything on a Linux box I can do on my Win XP box. I hope Ubuntu succeeds and if people want to start saying Ubuntu instead of Linux, well Ubuntu has won that with a user friendly distro and a great community.

  2. It’s a good point, it’s similar to the identification of a PC with Windows (Mac is a Mac and not PC). As someone who’s been through some good times and some bad times with both Linux (Red Hat 6) and Windows (Me, need I say more), one huge advantage Linux has over Windows is that is very modular. Ubuntu running on server and on a PDA still has the same code underneath. Windows Server, Windows XP or Vista and Windows Mobile or CE are all monolitic, with their own code and each of them has a separate set of applications, they might have the same name but the code is very different. I can see Windows 7 going the way of Linux and going modular.

  3. Linux is all about choice and, as much as I like Ubuntu and admire Mark Shuttleworth, it would be a pity if newcomers to Linux think Linux *is* Ubuntu. I have PCs on my home network running Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and Sabayon Linux, and I like all three distros. But, for ease of use, my vote goes to PCLinuxOS. Interestingly, all the newcomers to Linux who have used Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS on my PCs have preferred PCLinuxOS. I’m not criticising Ubuntu, just pointing out that there is a choice and that not everyone considers it the best Linux distribution. But, undoubtedly, had it not been for Canonical and Ubuntu, Linux would not be making the inroad on the home desktop that it is.

  4. I have to say that I like PCLinuxOS as well. So far it’s the only distribution other than Ubuntu that has run well on my laptop with full compatibility.

    My choice for Ubuntu is simply because of it’s ease of use. PCLinuxOS isn’t bad, although for new users it could use an “Add/Remove applications” application, but that’s all I can say about it that would be remotely negative.

    I agree, thanks to Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu has made inroads previously unseen. I could only imagine if it weren’t for the company/community mix that Ubuntu has, there currently would be no leader in desktop Linux. People would be saying “Year of the desktop” for another 15 years, with no progress without a solid leader. Most new users I talk to prefer Ubuntu, although I have met many that like PCLOS. Sometimes it breaks down the famed Gnome vs KDE preference. PCLOS is a great distribution, and while perhaps not my favorite by just a hair, it’s great, not just for a community distribution, but for any distribution.

    Thanks for the comment!

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