5 comments on “CNR Not Working?

  1. I have used cnr on Gusty for a couple of months now and have never had a problem. Is it really needed I’d say no but a very convenient way to find software and very easy to use. So far it has worked with 100% success though I have only installed around 15 or so packages. I just installed Adobe Reader just to see if it’s working after reading this post and true to form a perfect install. I love synaptic but cnr rocks too. My only complaint is many times after I install something from crn the update manager in Ubuntu finds a newer package. Not every time but it happens often. On occasion cnr finds something newer than what’s in synaptic also.

    It’s probably not a good idea to use both but I’m never happy until I break my system. Gusty however seems to be a tough nut for me to crack. That is a huge tribute to both cnr and Ubuntu if I can’t screw it up.

  2. Actually, I’m back in Ubuntu, but thanks for the comment!

    I know that CNR works with Ubuntu, but I now notice that I was indeed using Freespire 2.0.3. I do not think I will be using CNR in the future.

  3. Perhaps “I do not think I will use CNR in the future” is a bit dogmatic…

    I will keep an eye on it just as every other thing Linux has to offer, CNR isn’t bad, but for now I will stick with the standard Add/Remove in Ubuntu. Later on, who knows.

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