6 comments on “Another Biased Review

  1. If Ubuntu and Mac are so much better than Windows (and each o/s has its advantages) then I ask why is it that most of the world runs on PC’s? If ubuntu and Mac know the answers then they still haven’t learned anything.

  2. This a good response. Indeed the article was nothing but far from the real world. Also ubuntu scored low at security, even doe it’s immune to all the threats windows systems have to encounter.

  3. @ Geoff:

    The reason(s) for the low market share is this:

    1. Ubuntu is only 4 years old, and Windows has been around since the mid eighties.

    2. Go to Groklaw.net, and look on the side navigation bar. You will find links to all of the dirty tricks Microsoft pulled over the past decade, including keeping computer manufacturers from selling competiting platforms.

    3. Apple has just seen a comeback from what was a near-death in 1997. It took them a while to grow into what they are today.

    4. Ubuntu is a volunteer effort. 4 years to get 12 million users is quite an amazing feat. That’s 1% of the overall worldwide market share.

    In today’s market, competition is just starting to show up, as a result of dissatisfaction with the current Windows offering. Obviously, Ubuntu doesn’t have the marketing machine that both Apple and Microsoft have, so it is always an uphill fight.

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

  4. Thanks jonreagan.

    1. Fair comment.
    2. Not biased?
    3. Maybe Apple did stumble in 1997 but they have been around for a long time.
    4. I am not an Ubuntu user so I knew little about it. But it would seem that they have indeed done well in a short time.

    Putting aside allegations of MS “dirty tricks” if other competing o/ses could be smart enough to cater for the masses then they have a good chance of capturing a large market share.

    Talking of ‘dirty tricks’ etc, how about Apple and iTunes monopoly?

  5. 2. The data at groklaw isn’t biased… well, the articles could be in some cases in involving opinion, but I recommend you look through some of the internal emails that Microsoft had to release because of antitrust trials. That way, it comes right from the horse’s mouth.

    Any you’re right: Apple does have a lock on an iTunes monopoly, so I have started using Amazon’s music store, since they have released software for Linux, unlike Apple. Also, their music is DRM-free, and for 99c rather than Apple’s 1.29c for DRM free music.

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