4 comments on “Jon’s Review: PCLinuxOS Gnome 2.21.2

  1. jon, i personally never found the installer on pc linux to be difficult to use, the restart issue you mentioned is with using custom partioning. to take over the entire disc, the restart step is completely avoided. i haven’t looked at pc linux gnome, so i can’t really offer additional comments. nice writing.


  2. Using the PCLinuxOS installer while making partitions on what was a blank drive did not require me to reboot. I made “custom” partitions (ok, so I clicked the default layout button), yet I did not have to reboot.

    At the beginning of the installer, I was greeted by two options, rather than the three options with the PCLOS 2007 installer, so I have no idea what happened.

    I imagine that the PCLOS Gnome installer is either an updated version, or perhaps modified. Heck, I could have missed it all together. Either way, it wasn’t hard at all! 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. jon, you don’t have to reboot PCLOS when making changes to your partitions. Just log out, then log back in and that’s all. (At least for the Gnome edition, I haven’t tried the KDE one). Give it a try !

  4. Very nice version of PC Linux. Only problem encountered was the failing of the installation.

    All went as normal however, the system did not install. Tried other options upon boot without success.

    No such problems with PC Linux 2007 (KDE) on the same machine. Have no idea why this happened.

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