5 comments on “CNR beta: A Review

  1. i’m confused. this is little to no different than clicking on a .deb file and having the apturl program install it.

    i see little or no advantage to this program for debian based systems. am i missing something?

  2. You haven’t missed much!

    All that CNR does is download a .deb file and install it. CNR just provides more info than Synaptic or Add/Remove, so there is some benefit there. It also provides one-click install, but I rarely find myself plagued by over-click syndrome from Add/Remove overuse. 😛

  3. While Freespire is soundly dead, CNR is a winner. It makes Linux finally a viable option for the desktop. A usable application (screw packages (( and root, and swap, and terminal, and mounting, and purely free software/drivers/codexes purism and all other anti-usability concepts)) ) installation on Linux conceptually is solved with CNR. Way to go to make it solved in actuality.
    The next step is Add/Remove and CNR integration. CNR is a small step/giant leap sort of thing.

  4. This is very good for the windows-users!
    It’s exactly how they install programs which can only be beneficiary for their user experience.

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