3 comments on “A Day in OpenSuSE 10.3

  1. How vague can you possibly get with “it’s heavier” or “it takes longer to find what you need”? I mean, you didn’t even give a single example.

    Takes longer to “navigate and find your app” — how? What are you talking about? Any example?

    KDE4 is of course MEANT to be just like that. openSUSE plainly have a snapshot. It’s only there for preview purposes or for developers that want to work from KDE snapshots.

  2. @ benji w: Thanks for the link!

    I got there, but could find no download link. I must have overlooked it. Thankfully, I don’t have many mp3’s tp play.

    @ Fancis: Alright, let’s start w/ the “start” menu. If I want to go to my office apps, I must click “Start” menu > Applications Tab > Office > OpenOffice *enter name of app here. That’s four clicks, and even more if I have click on something wrong.

    note: yes, I knowthat there’s an OO.o icon on the desktop, but this was just an example.

    After the app is clicked, the system took a bit longer than other distros to load (with OpenOffice) for example. I didn’t have problems with the smaller apps, but the larger ones were certainly slower.

    I have tried KDE 4 Beta 2 (from an OpenSuSE LiveCD, incidentially. I had found it unstable, but coll nonetheless. Obviously, it was supposed to be unstable. I just thought that the OpenSuSE folks would have provided the KDE 3 apps just as a backup, in case that some v4 apps would not work.

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