10 comments on “HOWTO: Install Marathon on Ubuntu

  1. Halo could quite easily be a prequil for Marathon. Its been stated by the creator that the protagonist from each game is the same person (the master chief). Watch the extended ending in Halo 3 on legendary… that planet is Marathon.

  2. Whoa…

    That’s cool.

    I don’t have Halo 3 (yet!) and will probably wait a while before getting it to let the price drop.

    I checked out the Wikipedia entry for Halo 3, which mentioned a planet in the end, right before I checked this post.

    Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  3. Actually Simon is wrong. I am an intense Halo fan, and Bungie has directly stated that Marathon and Halo are set in different universes. This means that the games are not related, and the characters are not the same.

  4. Thanks for the guide. It was really helpful.
    I have one question, though. How can I install multiple scenarios? I want to be able to easily start up Marathon, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity as well as possible some others later, but it looks like I can only install one scenario according to this guide.

    • Rather than sudo the data files you can put them in a hidden file in your home directory named “.alephone”. I have each scenario in a separate hidden directory (“.alephone-m1” for example) and then just temporarily rename whichever one I want to play before hand.

  5. Also, how do I get the original game music to play during gameplay? I’m playing M1A1 on ubuntu 7.10 and would like to get everything working right, including music (which so far is the only thing I’ve noticed missing). I’ve tried searching the web for a solution, but I haven’t found anything really helpful yet.

  6. Everything worked out fine for me, except for the last step. It wouldn’t install even though I followed exactly what you said to do. Any ideas why?

  7. hi, everything went fine until the last step, i keep getting this:

    ~ $ cd Desktoptar -xjf AlephOne-20100424.tar.bz2cd AlephOne-20060701sudo ./configuresudo makesudo make install
    bash: cd: Desktoptar: No such file or directory

    any ideas? thanks !!!!

  8. i got this error
    root@shalkam-laptop:/media/9CEA1C6BEA1C4444/prog/AlephOne-20100424# sudo make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

    i don’t know where to go next

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