2 comments on “Ubuntu Box Update

  1. Ask yourself if you think companies in the US will distribute an OS bundled with illegal copies of proprietary codecs. They cannot without incurring that legal liability.

    Of coarse in a lot of other countries this is not a legal concern, that fact that I can use the Ubuntu tools to download illegal copies of DVD, WMA, MP3, etc. will not sit well with companies that sell to the mainstream.

    Linspire didn’t make those technologies proprietary, they just licensed them so that they could legally redistribute them. That’s no different than legally redistributing StarOffice or Transgaming software.

  2. You hit the nail on the head.

    It’s sad, really, that many software patents are unecessary. I am not fully against them… I think only the software that is TRULY unique should get a patent. Unfortunately today, patents are abused often. Even Microsoft crosses the line with patents now and then. That’s the hard battle for open source software, because we do not have all the commonly used resources to put into our code.

    Respecting IP in software is important, and it is hard to cross them, since proprietary software’s code is closed, unless there is a direct copy by chance, much like SCO vs. (Enter favorite tech co. here) – which returns back to the abused patent system.

    Baseless patent claims are what fueled Mr. Carmony’s comment, with respecting IP. It is like saying Linux does not respect IP, intentionally.

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