4 comments on “Python Programming IDEs

  1. I am also currently trying to learn python, thankfully a couple of the other FloridaTeam members are walking me through some stuff…

    I have a few good resources on my page, and the post is waiting to be updated with some a friend gave me.

    Feel like doin a lil learnin together sometime? Always helps me, at least.


  2. That’s good to know BandB! Thanks!

    Chris: Python is pretty easy to learn. One of the best ways that I have found to do so is through a wikibook:


    I know it says for “non-programmers”, but it makes an easy-to-follow tutorial.

    If you want to practice up pn programming stuff, let me know!

    On Sundays, from 1-5pm, the IRC channel #ubuntu-georgia is open. The meeting is usually from 3-4pm, so if you want to hop on that channel, let me know what time (before or after the meeting), and we can go over python stuff then.

    btw, nice resource page!


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